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"Engineered Pumping Solutions Focused on Markets where Application Knowledge, Service and Expertise Add Value"

For more than 130 years SPP Pumps has been a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and associated systems, a global principal in design, supply and servicing of pumps, pump packages and equipment for a wide range of applications and industry sectors.

SPP pumps and systems are installed in all continents providing valuable high integrity services for diverse industries, such as oil and gas production, water and waste water treatment, power generation, construction, mines and for large industrial plants.

SPP Fire Pumps

That is why SPP Pumps Fire Pumps are designed specifically for the very particular needs of fire protection and are approved by major fire protection bodies around the world.

By selecting an approved SPP Pumps Fire Pump as part of an approved system and maintained in accordance with standards such as NFPA 20, you can sleep easy knowing that you have chosen the best you can get.

SPP Pumps is the world's leading specialist manufacturer of quality fire protection pump packages. Unrivaled experience in design and manufacture together with advanced testing and accreditation ensures the utmost in equipment reliability.


The protection of life is not a matter for compromise. This is particularly true for fire protection systems where they are only as strong as their 'weakest link and compromise may result in avoidable loss of life or property.


Horizontal Split Case Pump UL/FM
End Suction Centrifugal Pump
Horizontal Split Case Pump NFPA
Vertical Turbine Pump
SPP Water Pumps
Vertical Multi Stage Pump

Water supply, water/waste water treatment, industrial processes and general pumping service.

SPP Pumps has an extensive range of products suitable for a variety of applications. From end suction DIN24255 (EN 733:1995) through to customer engineered vertical turbine pumps or split case pumps SPP Pumps has reliable and well-proven products to offer.

End Suction Close Couple Pump
Horizontal Split Case Pump
End Suction Centrifugal Pump
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